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About C-Renity

Based in San Diego, Ca.  C-Renity was Co-Founded by two lifelong friends Vincent Landeros and Jason Cid.

Vincent and Jason have both found their passion behind CBD throughout the years through different experiences

Vincent found himself using CBD products to heal through sports injuries, deal with the stresses of life and cope with lack of sleep.  Most importantly, he watched how CBD helped his grandparents through their fights with cancer in 2018-2019.  His grandmother battled a throat cancer while his grandfather was battling a cancer forming in his stomach.  They found CBD helpful in easing their pain and discomfort.  Along with the ease of pain, they noticed it helped with the stress they were enduring and being able to fall asleep and gain rest as it was needed.  After going into remission both of his grandparents still find CBD helpful in maintaining every day health.

Jason is an active runner, biker, and soccer enthusiast.  He finds CBD products most helpful for him in muscle aches after his sports activities.  Jason says that with CBD he's been able to recover much faster from the aches and pains of running and biking.  Like Vincent, Jason has also seen how CBD has positively impacted his family.  Jason's mother had a severe injury to her arm which required a metal plate being surgically placed.  After Jason's personal experience with CBD he knew it would help her.  His mother was experiencing pain and discomfort and wanted to deal with it naturally.  Jason was able to provide her with CBD remedies which she claims helped tremendously.  She felt less pain and felt it was easier for her to rest throughout her recovery process.

Together, Jason and Vincent noticed an opportunity.  In front of them was a journey of sharing the positive impacts CBD has on every day life.  C-Renity was an idea built around showing the world that CBD can bring you mental peace, physical health and yes... a feeling of serenity.

Mission Statement

Here at C-Renity, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation.

Our goal will always be to produce the industry's absolute highest-quality CBD, while using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with service that WOWs.

We are dedicated to making sure we secure the highest-quality hemp, and manufacture all of our products with the most sophisticated manufacturing methods so that our clients can achieve the natural support and health they seek.

Our Process

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Step 1.

Hemp Cultivation -

After much research on hemp we wanted to get it from where the roots originated, Denmark.  A beautiful country with kind people always planning how to better the environment.  Our organically grown hemp plants thrive in the mountainsides as they develop from April and through October.

Step 2.

The Harvest and Journey Home -

Shortly after being harvested, our plants will hang and be granuated to ensure that they are enriched with all the natural remedies we need.  After this proces, they will begin their journey home to San Diego.  Upon arrival, we will have a dedicated team ready for processing.

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Step 3.

CO2 Extraction and Packaging -

Once our hemp plants arrive at our manufacturing site they will then begin a CO2 extraction.  Here we will be able to extract all of the CBD rich nutrients while maintaining less than .03% THC levels.  Our goal is to always provide as little THC as possible so that all users can feel safe and comfortable using our product.  Once our extraction process is completed, they will be packed and ready for delivery.

Step 4.

Your Order And Delivery -

You find the product that fits your needs.  We package it up and before you know it, its on your doorstep for your enjoyment!


Quality Control

Each product we produce will be tested by our team in San Diego, Ca.  In addition, we have our products regularly tested by a third-party lab to ensure proof of purity.  At your request we are able to send a copy of ceritifications.

"Amazing, knowledgable and friendly customer service!"

- Nate Shea

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Premium THC-Free CBD Products

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