Chronic Pain and CBD

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As many as 50 million Americans deal with chronic pain and that number grows daily. Along with that number, there is an alarming number of individuals that end up with an opioid addiction as they attempt to cope with the chronic pain. Not all pain is bad. It is your body telling you that something is wrong and that you need to respond. Without those pain signals, common conditions such as appendicitis could end up being deadly.

So why CBD and how does it work? CBD has demonstrated effectiveness in inflammatory and neuropathic pain. CBD naturally is an anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. CBD alleviates the cause of the pain, not actually the pain itself. Results will not always be immediate, sometimes taking several weeks to decrease underlying inflammation. CBD may reduce and even at times eliminate pain by reducing inflammation, which more often than not tends to be the cause of the pain. This Cannabinoid (CBD) binds to receptors that that mediate the pain perception, inflammation and body temperature.

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