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Welcome back! Glad to see that you are here and more so, we are excited that you are taking interest in CBD oil. It really is such a powerful natural remedy.We are excited to share these benefits with our friends and family.  Now you may be asking yourself “Why is CBD oil tincture being referred to as a promiscuous compound by many researchers?” Researchers are finding that the Cannabidiol compound is intimately intertwined with numerous systems and processes, bringing significant therapeutic benefits. So now, the question is, what is preventing you from incorporating CBD Oil into your daily self care routine? 

So let’s take a look at how C-Renity CBD Tinctures can help elevate your self care routine as well as potentially prevent certain conditions to begin with. Scientists have discovered and are continuing to discover that CBD could be a promising treatment for numerous conditions. Below are a few properties of the CBD compound that make it a powerful wellness supplement:








Now let’s take a quick look at how CBD can benefit specific conditions. Below are some but not all conditions where scientific research is showing promising results. 

Balance of Hormones:

Homeostasis is such a crucial part of the reproductive system. The up and down fluctuation of hormones in a female’s reproductive life cycle can have significant impact on mood, anxiety and wellness in general. The endocannabinoid system , endocrine system and reproductive system are all connected; emphasizing that CBD can provide balance to the reproductive system. Initial research signals that there is a strong bond between women’s health and the endocannabinoid system. 

Brain Health:

CBD is a neuroprotective; meaning that it helps reduce damage to the brain which is commonly associated with illness, stress and trauma. An additional benefit being that it aids in neuron generation. Early research indicates that it keeps serious conditions at bay such as Alzheimers, from developing by altering gene expression to remove amyloid plaques. New studies indicate that it is the removal system, not the plaques themselves that is the issue in Alzheimer’s.

Chronic Pain:

CBD Oil can activate receptors that regulate pain perception and body temperature, which affects pain pathways. As mentioned in the beginning, CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory which is often associated with temporary pain, such as a bruised heel. CBD has the ability to target both pain and serotonin pathways, it is a versatile option for pain sufferers. 

Heart Health:

CBD’s Anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties help prevent the immune system from causing extensive damage in response to the heart. 

Strengthen Bones:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that diminished bone density may be related to endocannabinoid deficiency. CBD may have the ability to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis by indirectly activating the endocannabinoid receptors that regulate bone health and.

These are just a few positive impacts that research is finding as a result of the CBD compound. C-Renity CBD can help you find your homeostasis. If you are looking to incorporate CBD into your daily regimen, make sure to pick up some of our CBD oil at our shop at

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